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Tools Window

The tools window gives access to tools both canvas manipulation tools (like brush, fill, and erase), but also extra functionality (like center, export, and import image).

retro sketch brush icon Brush - The brush tool allows you to paint any color pixels directly onto the canvas on the current layer you are on.

retro sketch center canvas icon Center Canvas - The center canvas button centers the current animation frame on the screen, doing any scaling needed to make the canvas fit.

retro sketch color picker icon Color Picker - The color picker allows you to select any color you wish by either directly picking the color, inputting in the RGB values, or even inputting the HEX code for your color.

retro sketch color sampler icon Color Sampler - The color sampler allows you to select any color that is under your cursor on the canvas. Once selected, it swaps back to the previous tool to keep the action going.

retro sketch color swap icon Color Swap - The color swap allows you to paint all of the matching colors on the current layer with the current selected color.

retro sketch eraser icon Eraser - The eraser is like the brush but erases instead.

retro sketch export icon Export - The export window allows you to save your image as a PNG or your animation in various formats like GIF, image sequence, or PNG atlas.

retro sketch flood fill icon Flood Fill - The flood fill allows you to fill an area of pixels that are the same color to the currently selected color.

retro sketch grid icon Grid - The grid makes it easier to identify where the boundaries of each pixel are.

retro sketch import image icon Import Image - The import image tool allows you to import a single image or multiple images as either layers or frames.

retro sketch new project icon New Project - The project setup window allows you to create a new project or open an existing project.

retro sketch nudge icon Nudge - The nudge tool allows you to move around the layer or the selection within a layer and have it wrap around the boarders.

retro sketch reference icon Reference Image - The reference image allows you to place/scale an image in the background of the canvas to use as a reference for tracing.

retro sketch save icon retro sketch save as icon Save Project - The save project buttons allow you to save the current project or save it as a new file with a different name.

retro sketch selection icon retro sketch invert selection icon Select - The select tool allows you to select an area on the layer to draw within or manipulate.

retro sketch shapes icon Shapes - The various shapes allow you to draw simple shapes like lines, ellipses, and rectangles automagically.

retro sketch undo icon retro sketch redo icon History - The history tools (undo/redo) allow you to undo anything that you've done or redo and undone change.