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Retro Sketch

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Retro Sketch is a pixel art design, drawing, and animation software and mobile app. The app was originally developed for our game team to create pixel art across Android and Windows. So as we update the app to support the things we need for our games, we'll be releasing those updates for free for those who purchase the software. No subscriptions, no DLC; buy once on your desired platform and use forever.

Here are just a few of the tools you can start drawing with

brush tools

Brush tools

Draw precisely with brush tools like paint, dithering and erase

color sample and fill

Color Sample & Fill

Sample any color on your canvas and flood fill that color

multiple layer sample fill

Sample multiple layers & Fill

Easily fill the current layer while sampling all other layers for the fill area

draw shapes

Basic shapes

Draw helpful shapes with a box to tell you the length/size of your shape as you draw it

color swapping

Color Swapper

Quickly test out new color ideas by swapping all matching colors

selection and nudging

Selection & Nudging

Select areas of your drawing and nudge them around (or paint, fill, erase, etc)

Extensive animation tools to allow more creativity

Track/Frames window

Track/Frames window

Able to sort your frames in the order you choose for the perfect animation

Timeline Window

Timeline Window

Manage the big picture of how your animation is being composed

Animation preview

Animation preview

Check out a preview of your current animation (Settings allows you to show lower tracks here as well)

Sequence export

Sequence Export

Export your animation out in a sequence of images, perfect to use in your games

GIF export

GIF Export

Share a GIF of your work with others

Atlas export

Atlas Export

Compact your animations into a singular image to make it easier to use in games

A lot of tools available for you to properly manage your projects

Color Palette Manager

Color Palette Manager

Setup your colors for how you are going to compose your work (Save, rename, delete pallets of your choosing)

Layers Options

Layers Options

Modify your layers however you choose, with many options available!

Frames Options

Frames Options

Manipulate each frame to your liking so that you can have the perfect sequence you want

Export Window

Export Window

Export your work to whichever format you want! (PNG, SEQ, GIF, ATLAS)

Settings Window

Settings Window

Change your settings to better suit your needs on working in your project

Project Setup Window

Project Setup Window

Create your project to your liking with the templates below or your own input; or import pngs or other projects and start from there.

android vertical mode

Vertical mode support

android horizontal mode

Horizontal mode support

android stylus drawing support

Stylus drawing support

All physical styluses supported, including 3rd party stylus

android touch drawing support

Touch drawing support

Ability to draw even without a stylus if you don't have one

share project files

Share Project Files From Android

You can export your project file from android and open it in Windows or other Android devices

share project files

Import PNGs and Project files

You can import PNG files and external project files from the project manager screen

We are indie developers, so we can't test every device. We've put a lot of effort testing as many android devices as possible. If you are having issues with your device, please let us know via email We've tested on Note 8, Note 9, Tab S6, Surface Duo 2, and Galaxy Fold 4.

Basically does everything you've seen and more. Windows has support for drag/drop file support for PXL and PNG files as well. You can open files from anywhere you have access to, even network drives.

drag and drop files

Drag & Drop Files

Drag and drop files from anywhere you have access to them

keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard Shortcuts

Just because we have an Android app doesn't mean we didn't make keyboard shortcuts!

We are available on the following platforms below